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Bar Lingo Bar Towel & Stir Stick Set

This set is a fun way to decorate your home bar. If that's not enough, this multi functional towel and stir stick combo will help wipe up spills in style and stir your delicious cocktails.


  • 17 in x 28 in


  • Printed message: The best guide to bar lingo so you don't have to ask; Dirty, describes a martini with olive juice added. The more olive juice, the dirtier it is; Bitters, alcohol infused with botanicals like herbs, fruit, and spices; Neat, served straight from the bottle, no ice; Finger, a pour of alcohol as deep as a bartender's finger is deep; Mixology, the art of mixing cocktails; On the rocks, a drink served over ice; Last call, the last drink of the night. Because you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here; Top shelf, the finest, highest-priced bottles of liquor in the bar. Kept on the top shelf as they are rarely ordered; Chaser, a milder drink, consumed immediately after a stiff shot; Well liquor, the least expensive, off-brand liquor often used in mixed drinks
  • 100% cotton

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