Your Journey Heart Bracelet - Turquoise

The Your Journey Heart Bracelet in turquoise reminds us to nurture loving moments with our favorite people, even when days are hectic. The artisan bead work uses pearls, gemstones, and glass. There may be color variations due to the natural stones used. 


  • Length 7 in 


  • Glass bead, iron, rope, plastic, semi-precious stone
  • Sliding knot closure
  • Packaging sentiment: A lot happens in seven days. Things change. Plans fall apart. Joy and sorrows weave through each day. As you travel on your journey, take time to pause and reflect. This bracelet has a strand to represent each day of the week. A special bead for every day helps you focus on love, self, family, friends, healthy, safety, our world. Let this be a guide to remind you wherever your journey leads, you are never alone. 

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